What Is Landing Page Optimization?
what is landing page optimization

Jason Joel, WordPress Designer, New York

November 4, 2017

Landing pages are a primary part of online marketing. A landing page is a page specifically designed for lead capture and sales generation. Optimizing a landing page makes sure you receive the best conversion rate from visitors to that page.

Determining what is landing page optimization will assist you in reducing your lead capture costs, getting more customers and maximizing the worth of your ad ROI.

Landing pages.
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What Is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization is similar to Website optimizing. It is a process meant to modify the different parts (elements) of a page to increase conversions.

The process of determining landing page optimization best practices helps influence the way a landing page’s layout and contents lead a visitor to complete a primary goal. This can be anything from filling out a contact form to making a purchase.

What Is Landing Page Optimization Best Practices?

To get you started, let’s ask the question, “What is Landing Page Optimization Best Practices?”  To answer, we’ll begin with a breakdown of a landing page’s key elements.

Appealing Headline

This is your hook. Without a successful headline, there is a good chance your lead will click off your page even faster than they clicked on it.

Engaging Image

Working with the headline, your primary image should be notably engaging to draw your lead closer to the goal of the page.

Form or Call to Action

The primary purpose of landing pages is to collect information from a potential customer/client and this is accomplished with a clear call to action. Calls to action can include making a purchase or downloading additional information.

Proof Points

These points will be additional descriptions of the headline. They can be further info about your product or reasons to complete the goal of the page, i.e. Complete the Form or complete the Call to Action.

Social Testimonials

Most people these days respond to reviews from other people. Including some on your landing page will increase your legitimacy and help build trust with your new audience.

Third-party Endorsement

Has your business been used by a high-profile client? If so, getting their permission to use an official statement and their logo will automatically make you associated with their brand and reputation.

What is Landing Page Optimization Best Practices for Web Copy?

Your landing page copy is the next crucial ingredient to achieving landing page optimization.

Most people visiting your page will probably average about 5 seconds before deciding to stay or go. To keep them on site, make your text as streamlined as possible. This won’t happen right out of the starting gate.

Start by writing down everything you think you want to say. Once you have your rough draft, you can go through as much editing as needed to make your copy as persuasive as possible.

Your finished copy should be clear and concise to get people’s attention and then hold it.

Your Landing Page Call to Action Should Be Easy to See & Understand

Since the main element of a landing page is usually a call to action, you want to make sure your visitors can easily see it and understand how to accomplish it. Whether you use a phone number, fillable form, or a button, make sure it can be easily spotted and understood.

Keeping Track of Landing Page Optimization Results

Once you’ve achieved a plan for your landing page, keep track of how well it’s performing. If you understand why visitors are coming to your page, you can adjust any of the elements as needed to improve your conversion rate.

Additionally, take a close look at your keywords and ads to ensure they are accurately representing you. This avoids the possibility of losing visitors because they are under the impression that you are offering something else than your specific product or service.

Overall, the very best landing pages work to rapidly install a trust with your customers. This can be accomplished with clean copy and easily identifiable call to action elements as well as third-party endorsement like Verisign’s logo for e-commerce, testimonials, a list of publications you’ve been mentioned in, etc.

Over time your visitors and your landing page will probably go through some transitions. As trends develop and progress, you’ll need to be aware of what actions are still useful and which have stopped working.

Knowing the right landing page optimization best practices and keeping an eye on each elements performance will allow you to adjust them as needed with each new audience.

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