Hey! I’m Jason Joel.

I’m a WordPress Landing Page Designer & Cat Lover  

In 2005 I started as a Marketing Coordinator for Nx Digital Group, located in Los Angeles, Ca. During my six years at Nx Digital Group, I had the incredible privilege of learning the ins and outs of marketing.

In 2009 I graduated from Excelsior College with a B.S. in Business Administration, which lead me to become the marketing manager for Syndicate R. Systems, located in New York City. It gave me the opportunity to tackle more challenging projects such as web design and improve my leadership and project management skills.

By the summer of 2014, I was thinking long and hard about my long-term goals, and what I wanted to accomplish within five years. I had learned a lot during the past eight years working with small businesses, and I knew marketing and web design went hand and hand. If one of these was wrong, then success was an uphill battle. It gave me the encouragement to venture out on my own and start my own business.

Since then I enjoy helping small business owners get more customers and increase sales by designing attractive and goal oriented landing pages that get results.

I’m skilled in many areas of web design and development. Some of my skills include:

  • Photoshop 93%
  • Illustrator 85%
  • WordPress 97%
  • HTML 85%
  • CSS 83%

When I’m not Photoshop(ing) or WordPress(ing), you’ll find me in Central Park riding my bike, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge or just binge-watching Netflix with some Dominos Pizza by my side.

I’m always open to exciting new projects and connecting with awesome people. If you think I can help, just get in touch.